Nigerian Association of
Agricultural Economists

NAAE Membership

The Association members and such other persons as the Association shalladmit to membership shall be members of the Association. TheAssociation shall consider only applications from prospective members thatsatisfy in full all the membership requirements (first degree in Agric Econs,Farm Management, Agri business management, first degree in Agric,M.Sc and Ph.D in Agric Econs) and must be financially up to date with the Association.

In addition any member found wanting in any manner or found engagingin acts, conducts or misconduct’s deemed at variance with principles andobjects of the Association may, by the Association, be suspended for aslong as the Association may deem fit in the circumstances, or be removedcompletely by the Association at a general meeting by members present.

  Contact Details

The Secretary
University of Ibadan,
Department of Agricultural Economics,
Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry, University of Ibadan.

  Student Area
Benefit Include:
  1. Induction to Graduate Grade
  2. Rebate on event fee
  3. School and level Authentication
  4. Scholarship potential
  5. Mentoring and monitoring
  6. Internship placement

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Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists

The Nigerian association of agricultural economics (NAAE) is a voluntary, non-governmental and professional association aimed at fostering...
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